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About Us

 Our WHY


The genesis of this business is to inspire you to become your best self. We want your Gibbys to become a symbol of your goals, your drive, your passions. We want to help you chase down your dreams. We believe the best way to get the most out of your passions is to build structure into your life. Our shoes are apart of that structure. They are the symbol that moves with you. 

Think about this - when you going through a tough time and hang your head, what are you looking at? Your shoes!

In that moment our shoes are a reminder of why you do what you do. Why you started your business, your career, your side gig. They bring you back to your why. 

From a young age I have had a deep desire to help people. Mowing my elderly neighbors lawn, free tutoring, and mentoring younger students were some of my most fulfilling experiences growing up. I also liked shoes. In 3rd grade I received first pair of real basketball shoes never touched concrete. Seriously, I would carry my basketball shoes to practice in a gym bag because they were only for the hardwood. This business is the combination of my two passions. I love a beautiful shoe and I love to see people achieve things they never thought possible. 

This is why we exist. What we do is bring you beautiful shoes that remind you to push the boundaries. We bring you these shoes at unbelievable prices by facing you directly. We cut out the middle man and keep more money in your pocket.  



The core team consist of a Beca, Marcus, Zoey, and Stella. (Pictured below) However, as you will learn you are now a partner in this venture. We believe our customers are the life of this company. The words below were penned during the very first product development stage. We believe it speaks to the spirit of W. M. Gibson Co. Thanks for learning about us and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out by emailing



Left to right: Zoey, Beca, Marcus, & Stella