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About Us

W. M. Gibson was started in 2018 by a husband and wife team. Marcus and Beca Gibson saw a problem - men’s loafers were either total garbage or exorbitantly priced (some are garbage and overpriced!). Even the icon legacy brands have lost their touch and quality. Loafers that were once perfected by hand, are now mass produced to accommodate stressed profit margins under bloated budgets.  

We decided to design a beautiful loafer while trimming the fat of middlemen and overhead. (It is amazing what you can do when you don’t drink a bottle of Amarone at lunch and take a 2 hour nap). 

The dream turned into reality. You guys went bananas. The biggest challenge was keeping the loafers in stock. The humble roots of handwritten thank you notes and packing orders on the bathroom sink are still ingrained into our brand to this day. 

With all of the demand, a partner was needed to take the brand to the next level. Enter Matt Davis. Matt was a customer first and loved the product so much that he came into the business as a partner. 

Matt and Marcus run the business together today. Matt handles the front of the house with sales, marketing, and customer support while Marcus is responsible for the manufacturing and development. 

We are forever grateful for your support and see you as a partner. Thanks for taking the time and we can’t wait to see where you take your Gibbys!

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Left to right: Zoey, Beca, Marcus, & Stella