Look Good. Feel Good.

Shoe Care

Here are some tips to help you keep your Gibsons looking as good as purchase day.


1. Shoe Trees: This is the single best thing you can do for your Gibbys. Moisture and leather do not mix. Shoe trees suck the moisture out of your shoe that you created making a dent all day. They also keep the leather from creasing by holding the shoe in proper position. 


2. The Rotation: Starting in the 6th grade my dad told me to never wear shoes two days in a row, always rotate. This allows your shoe trees to really do their job. So buy multiple pairs and rotate them. 


3. Polish: When you push the limit, things happen. Scuffs, scraps, and rubs just show you are getting things done. A good polish can bring your Gibbys back to life. Click here to learn how to polish your shoes. 


If you have any other questions relating to shoe care, feel free to reach out at marcus@wmgibson.com.