Look Good. Feel Good.

Our Team

We believe that being a small shop is one of our competitive advantages. We are a consensus driven team that plays to our strengths. Each of us wear multiple hats throughout the day to best serve YOU! We promise that we will work relentlessly to meet your highest expectations and build a customer for life. We are pleased to present The Dream Team.

Beca Cusick Gibson ~ President & Chief Executive Officer

Beca is a force. Her strengths include client service, vision, and marketing. She is responsible for the high level direction of W. M. Gibson Co and the leader of our company. This is the second business Beca has launched and we are blessed to have her as the head of our company.

Sticking with the Dream Team reference - Beca is our David Robinson, The Admiral. (plus she is from San Antonio so it works.)


Marcus Gibson ~ Chief Making Things Happen Officer & Coffee Maker

Marcus is responsible for the execution of our company's mission. He takes the vision determined by our team and works to make it happen. He also makes the coffee in the morning and delivers it to Beca's office. 

Marcus is our John Stockton, likes to stay behind the scenes but gets the job done.